Paul McCarthy at L&M Arts in Venice (Los Angeles)

At L&M Arts Venice, Paul McCarthy had this gigantic animated sculpture of George Bush and a twin George Bush riding high – then you realize the two George’s are actually screwing pigs from the rear – yet at once riding them like a cowboy. The piece is incredible. The look on the twin George’s face’s is diabolical. This vision of American governmental power as completely savage is as unrelenting and mind piercing look into the soul of our country as I have ever seen in a contemporary sculptural work. The work conveys with exacting precision the full freight of the perverse and low to the ground single-minded pursuit of animal pleasure as a pure yet grinding power without a moment of relief.

I wished the other two were also animated, but they are not. They’re just huge hulking haunting masses.

L&M Arts is unlike any gallery in LA. There are 3 buildings. Two are galleries. The one in the middle is the business/sales center. It looks like a visitor to the gallery does not enter it unless the visitor is there for business or sales. They sell $5 million dollar contemporary art sculptures to the international art buyer who comes to LA, and there don’t need to be in the lanes of traffic of the people who only came to see the shows. One the gallery doors was wide open. It’s the one that is on the piece of property where Ray Bradbury grew up in LA. There is a wall plaque of the kind you see in New York detailing this. There is a 3rd sculpture on the lawn on their property. They have their own small parking lot, again not for gallery visitors but for buyers. I liked that no one was guarding the work like at Gagosian. It gave the impression of being totally available for view – which it was. Paul McCarthy’s mad sculpture was just there, humping and grinding away as if it were insane and didn’t care who saw it. I don’t know if L&M Arts will even have public openings – or will they only have private art parties. I suspect the latter is the case. Anyway, with the opening of L&M Arts in Venice, the LA Artworld is at a level it has never seen before in its life.

1st post card for the show

This was the first image posted for their inaugural show. It does not have a time for the opening on it.

2nd post card for the exhibition

I think that this second image appeared on L&M Arts website near the time of the opening. It has the opening time as 2-5PM. Its seems that more and more Los Angeles galleries are scheduling unusual exhibition opening hours – perhaps to capture the evenings (or in this case afternoon’s) artworld audience.

Paul McCarthy 1

Paul McCarthy 2

Paul McCarthy 3

Paul McCarthy 5

Paul McCarthy 6

Paul McCarthy 7

Paul McCarthy 9A

Paul McCarthy 12

Vincent Johnson is an artist and writer in Los Angeles. He has recently been named a 2010 United States Artists Projects artist.

The USA site went live on December 7, 2010

My initial project is to fabricate a 3 foot tall doll house sized sculpture of the collapsed William Livingstone House in Detroit. The project description and a video presentation of the project are at the links provided here:
Please feel free to review the site and to contact others who would be interesting in supporting the program and my project.
thanks so much
Vincent Johnson
Los Angeles, California
cell: 818:430.1604


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