Vincent Johnson: Some recent Color Photography

Found-Painting-Pots and Pans.artcat

Found Painting: Pots and Pans – South Central Los Angeles (2013) archival digital photography by Vincent Johnson

I enjoy the jumbled yet purposeful arrangement of this vernacular painting. Everything in it seems to be floating, yet it was most likely the intent of the artist to merely show each item, but also to make it known that each item for sale was part of a larger universe of what was available for sale.

It is a friendly image, fun, being slowly bleached away by the Los Angeles sun.


Found Painting: Florida Devil Party (2013) archival digital photography by Vincent Johnson

This image was found on the side of an abandoned performing arts theater in South Florida. For me the image speaks of freedom, but also of celebration, even with the figure seemingly being blind or with fantastic powers that are indicated by her winglike ears.

There is an element of Latin and or Spanish pride in this image, which operates in a floating world all of its own.


Found Painting: California Abstraction and Grey Court (2013) archival digital photography by Vincent Johnson

For me this collage and wood ensemble is a virtual replay of 1950’s aesthetics replayed unconsciously in the streets of Los Angeles in the second decade of the 21st century. Yet it is completely contemporary with its images of Los Angeles NBA basketball stars in the collage, with graffiti written in the white space below. The grit and dirt on the grey painted wood wall panel pulls us back in time to the found materials periods in New York. Yet this is contemporary Los Angeles time.

Over the course of several years of photographing in Los Angeles and beyond, I have come across a small number of paintings whose original use was to advertize for a particular concern. The paintings have faded in the sun, or been otherwise partially destroyed. This project then is to capture images of these often overlooked everyday images that when framed are given a new context for consideration as beautiful fields of visual information. These images exist in our everyday world and are often not given but a moment’s attention before we more onward along the city streets.

Vincent Johnson

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